Chris Garman

Managing Director, Head of Country Analysis, Eurasia Group

Christopher Garman’s research focuses on the politics of macroeconomic management across emerging markets and comparative studies of national elections. He also leads the firm’s coverage of Brazil, including the regulatory environment in the energy sector. In particular, he has been instrumental in guiding analysis of the Lavo Jato scandal.

Prior to joining Eurasia Group, Christopher worked as a senior political analyst at Tendencias Consultoria Integrada, a leading Brazilian economic consulting firm. He has held fellowships at Instituto de Estudos Economicos, Sociais e Politicos de Sao Paulo (IDESP), where he researched central bank politics in the region, and at Centro de Estudos de Cultura Contemporanea (CEDEC), where he conducted field research on Brazilian federalism.

Christopher, who holds a master’s degree in political science from the University of California, San Diego, is a dual citizen of the US and Brazil. He is fluente in Portuguese and proficient in Spanish.