CEO, Logum Logística

Wagner Biasoli has been the Chief Executive Officer of Logum Logística since August 2015.

Born in Rio de Janeiro, RJ, on April 7, 1960, he is married and the father of three daughters.

Graduated in civil engineering from Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro in 1983.

He worked at Shell in London, The Haia and Rio de Janeiro between 1999 and 2010: responsible for optimizing the global supply chain of lubricants; Manage the fuel and lubricant business in Latin America; for supporting, in the political, social and economic areas, the members of the executive committee (the highest level in the organization) in the decisions of major projects in the Americas and part of Africa; was responsible for supplying fuels and logistics and storage solutions for industries and transportation companies in Latin America; was responsible for the overall process area of ​​the largest downstream transformation program and implement a single ERP; led the implementation of 10 initiatives in global processes for the rapid reduction of costs with improvement in customer service.

He served in the Libra Group, in São Paulo, between 2011 and 2014 as the CEO of Libra terminals, the group’s largest business unit.