Auto Industry Lead Analyst, KPMG Brazil

Bacellar is the KPMG Head of Automotive Industry in Brazil.

Over 35 years of solid experience in developing new markets, solutions and relationships, with deep expertise in disruptive technologies and innovation. The arrival of Unix operating system, Sun Microsystems, Compaq, computer networks, multimedia and Internet in Brazil; the maturing of topics such as information security, sustainability, corporate governance and risk management, as well as the digital disruption in banking, telecommunications and currently automotive industries are some examples.

Keynote & moderator at corporate events, Bacellar also writes articles about hot topics impacting the auto industry.

Bacellar was the organizer and moderator of the first connected cars panel in Latin America at Futurecom 2015 and also the first connected cars as digital business integrators panel in Latin America at the same event in 2016.

Bacellar is also Postgraduate Professor in Corporate Relationship Management at PUC-RJ.