Product Development Engineer, Embraer

Mr. Luiz Nerosky joined Embraer in 2001 as Product Development Engineer, working on different aircraft programs (ERJ 145, E170/190 and Legacy 600). In 2008, he joined Embraer R&T team, being the Technical Leader of AZUL+VERDE biofuel project, a partnership among Embraer, Azul Airlines, GE Aviation and Amyris that resulted on demo flight of Azul E195 powered with renewable jet fuel produced from Brazilian sugarcane during the U.N. Conference for Sustainable Development (Rio+20). Since 2013, he is responsible for developing technological projects related to aircraft energy efficiency improvements. In 2015, he was also appointed the Project Manager of ecoDemonstrator 2016, a joint effort of Embraer and Boeing to integrate and testing different set of environment-focused technologies.

Mr. Nerosky holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering (1997) from the University of Brasilia, Master´s degree in Industrial and Scientific Metrology (2001) from the Federal University of Santa Catarina and Executive MBA (2016) from IESE/University of Navarra – Spain.