Nutrologist and Cardiologist, Dante Pazzanese Institute

General Practice – Internal Medicine 

Education – Post Graduate
Medicine School at Campinas State University – UNICAMP.
Master in Cardiology. UNIFESP/ EPM.
Master in Marketing. ESPM.
MD in Cardiology. HCor.
MD in General Practice and Nutrology. – Brazilian Medical Association. 


Health field:
Clinical Cardiology- HCor. Heart Hospital SP (1982 – 2016)
Chief of the Nutritional Department of  Dante Pazzanese Institute of Cardiology – IDPC (SP). (2000-2016)
Chief of Clinical Nutrology and Nutrition of – HCor (SP).(1987 – 2016)
CEO of the Institute of Metabolism and Nutrition – IMeN (2000 – 2016)

Associations – Organizations
Coordinator of the Nutrition and Cardiovascular Health of the Atherosclerose Department of the Brazilian
Society of Cardiology. SBC. (2016 – 2018)
Member of the Technical Chamber of Nutrology  of the Regional Council of Medicine SP. (2009-2013).
Coordinator of the SBC Seal for Foods- Brazilian Society of Cardiology, SBC. FUNCOR.(2009 -2011).
Representative of the Brazilian Society of Cardiology at the Technical Chamber of Foods. ANVISA
(Brazilian FDA) (2009-2011).
President of the Brazilian Society of Enteral and Parenteral Nutrition.(2001-2005)
General Secretary of the Latin American Federation of Metabolism and Clinical Nutrition. (FELAMPE) (2001- 2007).

Director of Advisors board  – DOUTOR GOURMET Licenciamentos e Participações
CEO – ORACULUM – Inteligência em Nutrição e Saúde
CEO –  Instituto de Metabolismo e Nutrição – IMeN
Coordenator of the Board of Studies and Business in Health at ESPM (2012 -2014)

Author of Health/ Gastronomy/Nutrition books.
Secrets of Dr Gourmet.  Matrix Editors, 2012.
Hospital Gastronomy with the Concept of Comfort Foods. Balieiro Editors. 2012.
Practical Manual of Nutritional Therapy.  Sarvier Publishing Co.  2009.
Nursing in Nutritional Therapy. Sarvier Publishing Co. 2009.
Ambulatorial Nutrition in Cardiology.  Sarvier Publishing Co. 2008.
Third Age Nutrition.  Sarvier Publishing Co.  2007.
Nutrition based on the Physiology of Organs and Systems.  Sarvier .2007
Nutritional Therapy in Heart Failure.  Sarvier. 2005
Questions and Answers about Clinical Nutrition. Manole Editors. 2002. 

Clinical  Research:
Oral and Specialized Nutritional Therapy
Sarcopenia- Aging.
Cardiovascular Disease and Risk Factors.
Obesity, Diabetes e Dislipedemia