Launched by the Brazilian Sugarcane Industry Association (UNICA) in 2007 and held every second year, the Ethanol Summit is one of the world’s premier events dedicated to renewable energies, with a special focus on ethanol and other sugarcane-based products.

The Summit brings together top business leaders, authorities from different levels of government, researchers, investors, suppliers, academics and students from around the world. Nearly 1500 participants are expected at this year’s event, which will feature close to 100 speakers in four main plenary sessions, ten panel discussions, opening and closing ceremonies and side events.

The 2015 edition of the Summit is being produced for UNICA by Switzerland-based MCI Group, the world’s largest organizer of meetings and events. With a presence in 57 cities in 30 countries, MCI produces more than 4500 events per year, 120 of which in Brazil. The 2015 Summit agenda is being organized by MediaLink Media Projects, whose Executive Director, Adhemar Altieri, organized the 2009, 2011 and 2013 editions of the event while a Corporate Communications executive at UNICA.

“This is a very significant year for the sugar-energy industry. Vital decisions and measures of extreme long-term importance are in the works, which can bring about significant improvements in the future for renewable energies in Brazil and around the world. This only expands the importance of the Summit as a major center of debate for the most relevant topics involving renewable energies and products based on sugarcane,” says UNICA’s executive president Elizabeth Farina.

MCI Brazil general director Juliano Lissoni sees the 2015 Ehanol Summit as a major challenge. “It’s a high level event, established globally as one of the top gatherings focused on renewable energies. We want to add our contribution to help the Summit advance and grow even more, adding to its already significant contribution to the present and future of such a relevant activity for Brazil and the world.”