Gustavo Gindler Sergi

Líder do Negócio de Renováveis, Braskem


Gustavo Gindler Sergi

Líder do Negócio de Renováveis, Braskem

Gustavo Sergi leads the business that focuses on Braskem’s competitive renewable and sustainably matrix, currently in the Green Polyethylene global operation and on the development of new plastics and chemicals from renewable source. Within the variety and wide range of the I’m green™ PE applications, his commercial and market development team are supporting companies to be committed with environmental aspects, finding a more sustainable alternative for their packaging and products, reducing their carbon footprint with the most competitive cost advantage, without a compromise on processing, quality or recyclability. Besides being the largest ethanol consumer of industrial purposes in Brazil, the business features green polyethylene industrial plant in RS and one of the most advanced R&D Center in South America. The Research Center for Renewable Chemicals features a multidisciplinary team in a variety of areas, including microbiology, chemical engineering, bioinformatics, fermentation and downstream processes. Our R&D network rely not only on Braskem’s proprietary technology but also on global partnerships with companies committed to disruptive technology for the renewable chemistry.

Gustavo has experience in the petrochemical and sugar & ethanol businesses, with a background in M&A, commercial and supply chain.

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